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Certificate III in Leather Production - Saddlery

Leather Craft is an art that perfectly blends design and functionality. Come and learn how to take a piece of leather and then design and craft it into beautiful leather products. Our wonderfully skilled and creative trainers teach skills to craft gorgeous saddles.

Key Information

MST30519 Certificate III in Leather Production (19 units)

Apprentice or Industry professional 

Full time: 36 months
Part time: 72 months

Delivery Method

Full fee-for-service cost is $10,424.00*
Funding options are listed here.

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*All prices are based on nominal hours for the standard packaged units listed. Any changes to the packaged units will change the fees charged. All changes will be confirmed prior to enrolment. 

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MSMWH200 - Work Safely

MSMENV272 - Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

MSTGN2018 - Work in the TCF Industry

MSTLG2006 - Identify Materials used in Leather Goods Production

MSTLG3002 - Cut Leather by Hand

MSTLG2005 - Split Leather Pieces

MSTLG2007 - Skive Leather Pieces

MSTLG2003 - Perform Table Work

MSTGN2022 - Perform Tasks to Support Production

MSS402051 - Apply Quality Standard

MSTGN2020 - Perform Test or Inspection to Check Product Quality

MSMSUP106 - Work in a Team

MSTGN2005 - Perform Minor Maintenance

MSTGN3014 - Organise and Plan Own Work to Achieve Planned Outcomes

MSTGN3016 - Plan Tasks to Assist Production Operations

MSTGL3005 - Grade Leather

MSTGL2004 - Operate Leather Production Machines

MSTGN3003 - Estimate and Cost Job

MSMUP102 - Communicate in the Workplace

MSTLG3003 - Sew Leather by Hand

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